Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm sitting here at work, waiting for the nail polish on my artifacts to dry (it always seems like it takes forever). I'm staring at my lotion and I tell you... I love it. You should try it (this is where I ramble on because I'm bored.)! It's Burt's Bees stuff, which is always awesome because it's close to being completely natural. I love this lotion because it goes on thick and slowly sinks into your skin... be prepared to keep your hands off things for around five minutes. I only apply it once a day and it's fantastic for my hands! I have this horrid spot on one knuckle that continually tried to crack... terribly dry skin. I've been using this lotion for about two weeks and I can't even tell the spot was there. It has stuff like sesame oil and lavender oil and willow bark extract. To me, it just smells "Massage." Mainly because when I get a massage, the aromatherapy oils I pick have lavender in it.. but it just makes me sigh and smile and go to a happy place. Check it out!!! Ok... back to work.


  1. That lotion sounds great, I'll have to try it!
    What on earth are you talking about- nail polish on artifacts?

    -The Flaming Maiden

  2. lol. It's part of my job and getting artifacts ready for curation. We write numbers or letters (depending) on the artifact with a quill pen and then cover it with nail polish, so it doesn't rub off.