Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random updates

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Anyway... I'm so not in the mood for any kind of coherent blog, so this will all be random.

I've been on this sorta diet. I say sorta because I hate even thinking the word diet. But, I've basically cut out a bunch of my sugar and it's seemed to work. That, and eating at home more than eating out. I'm down TWO pant sizes now! I'm a size SIX!! This is awesome! I haven't been a size six since about 2003. Before I took that nasty BC shot that made me gain 20 pounds. Maybe my body is just finally bouncing back? Who knows. I DO know that I'd rather not go back to weighing 103 pounds, which is what I was in college. EEK. I'm happy at a size 6, thank you. I like having hips and ass!

I can't wait for it to be summer so that I can go to the pool with Thomas. I think he's going to LOVE it.

Cars is no longer his ab fave movie, either. Now it's Wall-E! I'm happy with that because I was getting sick of watching Cars ALL. THE. TIME. :) And Wall-E is a fantastic movie. Not that Cars isn't... but. I prefer to watch Wall-E. One of the best parts is that the first half has NO dialog. It's all sound effects with Wall-E and Eve running around Earth. Fantastic!

I got called Mommy for the first time on Tuesday. It's about damn time! He's been saying "Daddy" forever and starting saying Paw, too. I guess if I could just go over and grab someone's hand and drag them to what I want, though, I wouldn't need to say their name either. But anywho.. he's said Mama before (a long time ago)... but I'm pretty sure that was just him working out sounds. And we'd been able just recently to get him to say mommy if we asked him who I was... but Tuesday was different. I got over to Kenny's mom's house to pick him up after work. I opened the gate and he ran to me and said "mah-ney!" I am happy to be Mahney. :) It's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, that's the first word we've said that he's mimicked! He did that just a week or two ago. We were talking in the car and I said awesome... and he said it right after me. :) I guess now I need to watch my fraking language. Damn! hehe. He's mimicked Finding Nemo, too. There's a scene in the beginning and it goes like this...
"oo.. Ooo. I know what that is. Sandy Plankton told me. He said it's a... he said it was a... a butt."
"wow. that's a pretty big butt."

So, now my little boy says, "wow. butt." hehe. I love it.

This morning, I had a shirt on that had flowers on the front. He looked at it and said "wow. flowers."

Ok. I think I'm done with my randomness. Maybe. Bye!

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