Sunday, January 30, 2011

Namaste bag part deux

Picking up from my last post, I sent the handicraft cafe site an email about my order being incorrect (including pictures) on Thursday, which is when I received the bowling bag-esque Malibu bag.

I didn't get an email back on Friday, so I jumped on ravelry and sent Anne an email through their site asking her to respond to the one that I sent to handicraft cafe. When I checked my email on Saturday night, there was an email from her. She apologized again. Apparently, she didn't fill the order because her back and sciatica had been acting up. O_o And she must have failed to catch the mistake before it was sent off. Oh, and by the way... the peacock bag is no longer in stock. *SIGH*

How the hell did I know that was going to be the case?

As it turns out, she has the Laguna bag in Charcoal (a boring gray), Turquoise (the faded version of what I wanted), Olive (too dark and that's the color my friend has), and Lime.

So, I'm sending her the Malibu bag back tomorrow. She will supposedly refund what it takes to ship it. And I should be receiving my Laguna bag in Lime. I told her that if the lime was not available, I wanted a full refund.

Part of me just wants to send the Malibu bag back and get my full refund anyway. But, as my dear hubby stated, I've already paid for this bag. Make her work some more. And it IS discontinued. So, I'll hopefully have my Laguna bag, even if it isn't my first choice of colors.


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