Friday, August 12, 2011

Holy heck Friday

This day has been packed full of stuff. And of course, I decide to post at Mr. T's bedtime. So here's your quickie review...

Went to check out Mr. T's possible new school this morning (St. Michael's) and LOVED it. Mr. T did NOT want to leave and was moping about all day because of it.

Went to park, fed ducks, went down slides to cheer up the boy.

Went to Arby's for lunch (eating chicken tenders is new and different for the boy), then home for naptime. Argument in naptime resulted in many toys being "thrown in the trash."

Went to pool for a few hours since this may be the last good day to go swimming before they close.

I am.. exhausted. On the boy's front... he has been good since naptime so he gets ONE of the toys back (from the mean trashcan).

Ok ... bedtime. Peace out!

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