Friday, August 19, 2011

There I go again.

Whoops. Forgot to blog again. Sorry! (not that anyone is probably reading this.. oh well)

So, yesterday was Mr. T's first day of preschool. We found a school that was 5 days a week that was affordable (half days). Huzzah! We're going to St. Michael's School (an episcopal church). I love his teachers and so does Mr. T. He had so much fun, that he didn't want to leave!! I think he's making friends and it's going to be just great for him. He's never been in school, my MIL has just watched him. The socialization will do him wonders and I'm so excited for him!!

The DH was able to get home early tonight AND he was in a good mood! Should I pinch myself? lol. We went out to eat at Cheddar's and it was so nice to be out with the family and Mr. T actually ate some of what we ordered for him! My picky eater is slowly trying new things and I love it.

So, there's my mini update.

On the yarn front... I worked on my Annis shawl and am almost through the first chart! Yay! Also started a scarf with the chunky yarn that I bought at Magpie's sale. It's a thick/thin cotton yarn in yellow and gray. I'm using a size 10 needle and doing a seed stitch. It'll give it a lovely texture. =) Ok. Now I'm done.

Cya later!

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