Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Great Acrylic Stashdown of 2013

So, like many people starting off in the adventure of crochet and/or knitting, the lure of the cheap Wal-Mart yarn is so encouraging. A cheap hobby! Only $3 for a large skein of yarn! You could crochet a whole blanket for about $30!! Oh, the joy of ignorance.

It wasn't until I ventured into knitting that I realized how naive I was about the world of yarn (and this was after 7 whole years of crochet!). It started with taking a knitting class at one of the local yarn shops. Oooo.. all those pretty touchy feely skeins of yarn! So soft and *gasp* so expensive!! And then came the joining of ravelry. Ravelry is like a mecca for knitters and crocheters alike. So many free patterns, so many people to chat with about yarn... And that's when I became introduced to the yarn hoars and later to the madelinetosh stalkers.

I realize that I can never truly gain yarn hoar status with my salary, and I will probably never be able to buy multiple sweater quantities of yarn at once, but a girl can try. I have moved away from the cheap acrylic yarn that you buy at Wal-Mart and have truly embraced the love of all things wool, silk, alpaca, cashmere (oh, cashmere...), etc. Once you know of the wonder of real, natural fibers.. there's no going back. Unfortunately, my wallet cries at this knowledge because, let's face it, that shit don't come cheap.

But for 7+ years, the only type of yarn I bought usually came with a "red heart" label. Now that I know the wonder of natural fibers, the acrylic... it burns! And as a pack rat, I never let yarn, no matter how cheap, out of my grasp. So, as you can imagine, I have quite a bit of cheap yarn in my stash. For my New Year's resolution, I decided to get rid of it... get rid of it ALL. But, as a pack rat, I can't just give it away. Oh no. I have to do something useful with all that purchased yarn. Thus, the acrylic stashdown of 2013. I've decided to completely use my acrylic stash this year, by any means necessary. 

So far, I'm off to a good start! I've crocheted a twin size afghan that is currently occupying my son's bed...

I've knitted a colorblock hat...

Oh, the cuteness of this face is heart melting...

I've knitted a cup cozy with owls (buttons for eyes need to be sewn and pictures taken). And I'm currently in the process of crocheting another blanket and knitting a scarf. I'd say I'm off to a good start. And yet, I'm sitting here staring at the mound of acrylic yarn mocking me. "You'll never be able to get rid of me! hahaha!" (So my yarn talks to me, yes.)  And to add to the mockery, my lovely yarn sits there and asks, "Why don't you want to knit with me?" And I do! Oh, I really do. I'm trying to balance one project of lovely yarn (currently knitting a sweater with madelinetosh dk in Medieval, a lovely grape purple) with two projects, one large and one small, of icky acrylic yarn.

I'm hoping that I can keep this up without breaking. I'll try to keep my whole 2 readers updated! ;)


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to just say hi! I, too, am slowly purchasing the good stuff and trying to use up my cheap yarn! It's still pretty though even if its cheap(!) so making a snuggle shawl for my granddaughter and some wash cloths. Anyway have a good day!

    1. Thanks, Jacque!! It feels good to make something with the cheap yarn and projects for kids are the best since they'll be able to toss it in the wash without worrying about it getting destroyed. :)