Saturday, March 23, 2013

Owl Cup Cozies up in the etsy store!

So, I finally found some time to take pictures of my latest owl cozies and time to put them up in my etsy store! Both are made with acrylic yarn. Even though it isn't a natural fiber, it still does double duty on keeping coffee warm. All of my cozies are acrylic and have worked beautifully (with an added bonus of being able to easily toss in the washer if they get spilled on)!

One is knitted in a pale princess pink with navy blue button eyes, sewn on with purple thread.

Owl Cup Cozy in Princess Pink

The other is knitted in a natural khaki with bright blue eyes, sewn on with purple thread.

Owl Cup Cozy in Khaki

I've priced them at $6.00 a piece. So, if you're interested, they're ready to go!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another one (or two) bites the dust

I'm proud of myself. Over the weekend, I completed two... that's right, TWO... acrylic stash busting projects!

On Friday, during my "me" time, when the little boy was at school and the big boy was at work, I decided to refine a cup cozy pattern that would suit my coffee guzzling needs. I have crocheted several cup cozies (and they work fine), but I really want some that are knitted. I recently knitted a pattern for an owl cozy, but it wasn't just right. It was too loose and too tall for my tastes. So, I took a different owl cable pattern, changed the needle size, took out a pattern repeat, and voila!

Owl cup cozy in hot pink.

I plan on trying to put a few of these bad boys up on my etsy page soon, so if you like, keep an eye out!

My second project kinda started several years ago. I bought this Red Heart variegated skein before my yarn snobbery began and made a stockinette scarf. For anyone who's knitted a stockinette scarf may know, the ends rolled and there's no "blocking" of acrylic yarn to make it lay flat. I was not happy with it, despite liking the way it striped and the pretty colors. So, on Friday night, I snatched it out of my acrylic stash and frogged it. I decided to make a slouchy hat with the yarn instead. I finished my Eden Slouchy Hat on Sunday night. Here are the finished pictures...

Now excuse me while I go pat myself on the back and plot my next acrylic stash busting project.