Sunday, August 8, 2010

Productive me!

So, I went dyeing on Friday night and accomplished three skeins! As I said, two were my first tries for my True Blood collection. The third was for my friend who just had her GORGEOUS little girl on Friday.

The first was "Pam." She's a little bit feminine and a little bit dark, so I wanted to show that in her colorway. I used shades of pink, red, wine, and black. I LOVE the way it turned out. When it dries and I get it re-balled, I'll post pictures.

The second was "Sookie." It didn't turn out exactly how I'd planned, but I like it! Sookie is part sky fairy and she LOVES the sun... so her color has yellow, gold, blues and green. And since her involvement brings a little darkness to her life, her blue is a little dark in places, like dark clouds are rolling in.

The last is "Virginia." I used a tweed yarn for her skein and have three colors: a creamy yellow, a deep brown, and a dark blue. Also fitting for the state! ;)

In addition, I had a burst of inspiration and came up with what my labels will look like! Since I'm the "yarn vixen," I used that. Essentially, it's a ball of yarn with horns and a devil's tail. I love it. :) Once I get it scanned in, you can see my handiwork. I didn't do so badly at all... hand drawn! :)

So, although I have no pretty pictures for you this time... there will be more to come. ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomorrow night!

I'm SUPER excited because I get to dye yarn again tomorrow (technically today)!!! To keep you waiting with anticipation.. I'll tell you what I'm going to do.. a little tease. I plan on doing three skeins. One is a tweed yarn that I'm going to dye for my friend Jenny (who, by the way, is having her little baby girl tomorrow!). I'm going to do it in three colors: cream, brown, and blue.

The second (and third) skein is a superwash merino and nylon yarn (so soft!) from knitpicks. These two are set aside for my TrueBlood line. The first colorway is going to be Sookie, of course. I'm going to do shades of yellow and blue. The second colorway is going to be Pam, my fave character. It will be dyed pink, red, wine, and black. :) I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!! I'll post pictures later.

On another note, I feel slightly accomplished. After finishing the star baby blanket, I pulled out a hibernating project from last year. I must have been lazy, because I only had the thumb to do.. four rows! So now I have a set of fingerless gloves in red with black stripes (and sparkly silver threads). My vixen gloves are go for cold weather. Maybe I'll be industrious enough to block my cropped cardigan this weekend? It's been sitting there just begging to be worn, but I HATE blocking. *sigh* We'll see.


Ok.. I'm done.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stars and Jessica Dawn

So, I told you that I would update you with pics of Jessica Dawn all balled up. Here's your pictures! I'm using it to make a scarf (and probably some fingerless mittens, too). This is incarnation number three. The first... I didn't like the pattern. Tore it out. The second... didn't like the size it was turning out, needles were too small. Tore it out. So... tada! The pattern I like AND with the correct size of needles. :)

In addition, my friend Jenny is having her second little girl on Friday. I had a "well crap, I have to make something!" moment. I'd made a star baby blanket for her first little girl and decided to do the same thing again. It turned out awesome! My little sister helped me decide on the color of yarn and it only took me two days to crank out. It's a crochet pattern and I'd forgotten how freaky FAST I can crochet! So here's the pretty purple star for the pretty new baby girl. :)