Saturday, October 31, 2009

Etsy update

I just added two hats to etsy! Come one, come all and check them out! Hopefully soon, there will be much more added!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Observation, check.

Ok, so I had to accomplish 8 hours of observation by today for my education class and I did it!! Who knew that watching could be so tiring? Maybe it's because I also work 40 hours a week (10 hour days)? Just maybe. The kitchen is a mess. It's really disgusting and I just can't seem to care. If someone would just offer to clean my dishes, I'd pay them. I am in desperate need of a maid. UGH! And on top of that, I still have a test to complete by tomorrow night. All I really want to do is call up my friend, Bob, and tell her to bring my yarn over. I got a skein of tiger sock yarn and 2 skeins of this grey yarn for a Christmas present that I am DYING to get my hands on.
Is it so terrible that my dream is to win the lottery so I can stay home all day and knit?

I know this post was random and short, but I felt the need to put something up since it's been so long.

Ta ta!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me? Anxious?

So, after much jabbing and jawing about how I want to go back to school so that I can be a teacher, I'm actually doing it. I had one of those days where I questioned what I was doing and where I wanted my life to go and I was so down in the dumps. So I told myself to do something about wishing my life were in a different direction. Instead of lamenting the dead-endness of my job, why not do something to change it? So, I have enrolled at BCTCS and I'm taking Introduction to American Education.

I was anxious about going back, though. I mean... it's been EIGHT YEARS since I've been in school. A lot has changed since then. I've changed since then. My fears were well founded, it seemed. I went to enroll yesterday. UGH. Just UGH. I had to wait in line for twenty minutes to speak to an advisor so I could actually sign up for a class. It turned out that the class I wanted to take was FULL. Go figure, right? It was simply too perfect. One night a week from 6:30 to 7:45 and the rest online was just too good to be true. In addition, they still didn't have ANY of my classes from Transy in the system. And this class just happened to have a prerequisite of English 101. I have a bachelor's degree, so I'm pretty sure I got it covered. *sigh* So, I had to go talk to the Admissions people and get an unofficial copy of my transcript to get the hold for the prerequisite lifted. That took about 15 minutes. Then, the first person I took my transcript to decided that my FLA (Foundations of Liberal Arts... in Transy terms... English 101) was an art class. So... I took it to the registration help. (keep in mind the advisor was in one building, the admissions in another, then back to the other building for the registration help.) She was able to figure out that FLA was English 101 and allow me to get into the class. But remember, not the original class. That one was full. So I ended up having to enroll for the same class... but completely online... from the ASHLAND campus. *bangs head on the wall*

I just logged in to the blackboard site for the class. And honestly, I'm doing my best not to hyperventilate. Really. Class hasn't even started and there are assignments up. "Meet and greet your fellow classmates." And in addition to all this, I find out that the class requires 16 hours of observation!!! I work 40 hours a week, four 10 hour days so I can have Fridays off to spend with my son. So I have to take time off those Fridays to observe a teacher. Honestly, I probably should have expected it and at least I can have time to observe. But.... it's just so much and so soon. I'm completely overwhelmed. Completely.

Is it ok that I feel like running outside and screaming like a banshee?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitting updates

So, I'm once again working on my Ice Queen sweater. I took a break to work on a few Christmas presents. I finished the "Neon Lights" scarf for my coworker (see picture below), got a good way into another scarf, finished a hat for another coworker... yada yada.
Anywho. As I was saying... I took a break from the sweater and now I've picked it up again. I had already completed the body up to the armpits and one sleeve. Now I'm working on sleeve #2. When I'm done with that, I'll attach the sleeves to the body and finish up the rest of the body and the hood. It should be terribly exciting. Here's the pic. It's late. Now I'm gonna go to bed. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm a knitting fiend.

So I've already determined most of what I need to knit for Christmas presents. Yes, I know it's only June, but after all the frantic knitting last year, I figured I'd give myself a little more lead time.
For about the past three weeks, I've been working on nothing but the sweater I've named "Ice Queen" for it's frosty blue color. I've really enjoyed working on it and it's my first sweater, but I've been getting that itch to work on something else. So, I've finished most of the body and one sleeve and I've set it to the side.
I'm picking back up a two-tone brown/black ribbed scarf that will end up being a present. I've finished a pair of fingerless gloves in a heathered blue/green wool for a present (one down!). And I'm working on completing a super neon bright ribbed scarf. *deep breath* Maybe when I finish one of the scarves, I'll pick up the sweater again (since it's for ME) and work on sleeve number two.
For my to-do list, I have two - three cabled ponchos, two pairs of fingerless gloves, a pair of fingerless gloves that can convert to mittens, a hat with earflaps, a baby blanket, a hat and scarf combo, and probably much more. See why I'm starting early?!

For those of the curious minded: here's a picture of the in-progress sweater and a pic of one of the finished fingerless gloves....

Friday, June 5, 2009

New hair!

Well, it's the first time I've gotten highlights! I really like them, too. I better... they cost enough!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dum duh dum dum!

Well.. tomorrow morning at 5:03 am... I will have been on this earth for 3 decades. *gasp* I'm no longer in my 20s!!! I'm not upset like most women seem to be when they hit the big 3-0. Of course, my wonderful husband actually said to me today that I was too old to go dancing. WTF!? I could go crazy bitch and scratch your eyes out for that! Ok.. that sounded like I am upset about turning 30. But really, the number doesn't bother me. I look at it as this... I've survived 30 years. That's awesome, right?! lol.

I don't need to be super young. I've got a decent job. I am fully capable of making my own decisions about life. I don't rely on another person to take care of me. I have this beautiful little boy who brightens my life every day. I'm pretty happy with my life right now. Of course, I'd love to win the lottery tomorrow. What a birthday present that would be! hah!! Then I could quit my job and knit full time. hehe.

Anyway, I digress. I was saying... don't need to be super young because I've got a lot going for my old self. But telling me I'm too old to do something... that does bother me. Especially dancing... because I LOVE to dance. It's a shame that I married a fuddy duddy husband who doesn't like crowds, loud music, dancing... people. LOL. (I do love him, I swear!) But I seriously like to shake my money maker whenever I get the chance. It's one of the things I'm good at!! :)

So... just don't tell me I'm too old to do something I like doing and we'll be ok. Unlike my crabby hubby, I actually like birthdays. It was one of the rare days as a child that I received all the attention and felt loved. I look at it as living one more year... not "another day closer to death." I plan on making the most of this decade. Much wiser and much sexier. ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random updates

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Anyway... I'm so not in the mood for any kind of coherent blog, so this will all be random.

I've been on this sorta diet. I say sorta because I hate even thinking the word diet. But, I've basically cut out a bunch of my sugar and it's seemed to work. That, and eating at home more than eating out. I'm down TWO pant sizes now! I'm a size SIX!! This is awesome! I haven't been a size six since about 2003. Before I took that nasty BC shot that made me gain 20 pounds. Maybe my body is just finally bouncing back? Who knows. I DO know that I'd rather not go back to weighing 103 pounds, which is what I was in college. EEK. I'm happy at a size 6, thank you. I like having hips and ass!

I can't wait for it to be summer so that I can go to the pool with Thomas. I think he's going to LOVE it.

Cars is no longer his ab fave movie, either. Now it's Wall-E! I'm happy with that because I was getting sick of watching Cars ALL. THE. TIME. :) And Wall-E is a fantastic movie. Not that Cars isn't... but. I prefer to watch Wall-E. One of the best parts is that the first half has NO dialog. It's all sound effects with Wall-E and Eve running around Earth. Fantastic!

I got called Mommy for the first time on Tuesday. It's about damn time! He's been saying "Daddy" forever and starting saying Paw, too. I guess if I could just go over and grab someone's hand and drag them to what I want, though, I wouldn't need to say their name either. But anywho.. he's said Mama before (a long time ago)... but I'm pretty sure that was just him working out sounds. And we'd been able just recently to get him to say mommy if we asked him who I was... but Tuesday was different. I got over to Kenny's mom's house to pick him up after work. I opened the gate and he ran to me and said "mah-ney!" I am happy to be Mahney. :) It's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, that's the first word we've said that he's mimicked! He did that just a week or two ago. We were talking in the car and I said awesome... and he said it right after me. :) I guess now I need to watch my fraking language. Damn! hehe. He's mimicked Finding Nemo, too. There's a scene in the beginning and it goes like this...
"oo.. Ooo. I know what that is. Sandy Plankton told me. He said it's a... he said it was a... a butt."
"wow. that's a pretty big butt."

So, now my little boy says, "wow. butt." hehe. I love it.

This morning, I had a shirt on that had flowers on the front. He looked at it and said "wow. flowers."

Ok. I think I'm done with my randomness. Maybe. Bye!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Instructions for a yummy dinner!

Ok, so I decided to experiment a wee bit in the kitchen tonight and I was rewarded! On the menu tonight was: Stuffed burgers with smashed potatoes. Because it was so freakishly fantastic, I shall share the recipe with you and maybe you, too, will be drawn into the depths of your kitchen. :)

Your shopping list:

--around 1 lb. of hamburger (I used 90/10 ground sirloin)
--1 sweet onion
--bacon (2 pieces)
--baby spinach (about 1-2 handfuls)
--4 oz. crumbled goat cheese
--about 1 lb. of red potatoes (or however much you think you'll need.. I was feeding two ... with healthy appetites)
--butter (or margarine)
--shredded cheese (whatever kind you like... I just used some leftover from the fridge)

Ok. Here we go. First, put a pot of water on the stove to boil (for the potatoes). I added some salt to help it along and for flavor. While that's warming, scrub the potatoes and cut them into halves or quarters. Try to get them to be about the same size. Set those to the side.
Cut your onion in half and dice it up. Set these to the side, too.
Get two pieces of bacon and cut those into small pieces. By this time, the water on the stove should be boiling. Put your potatoes in the water once it is. Also, you can go ahead and get a large-ish bowl and put your meat in.

In a small skillet, over medium heat, fry up your bacon. Set your fried pieces of bacon on a plate. You want to try to keep as much of your bacon fat in the skillet. Toss those onions into the bacon fat in the skillet. Saute these up until they're nice and brown (and yummy sweet).
Toss half of the onions into the bowl with your hamburger meat. The other half go on the plate with the bacon.

Now, turn the heat on your skillet to low. Toss in a couple handfuls of baby spinach. They will wilt down quickly and just put those on your cutting board. Just give the spinach a once over with your knife to cut them up a bit.

By this time, your potatoes should be nice and done. Stick a fork/knife/whatever in them to test their tenderness. When it seems like they want to fall apart, they're done. Toss them into a strainer to get rid of the water and then put them back in the pot. You'll come back to those.

Now for the burgers! In your meat bowl, you'll have half the onions you cut up and sauteed (a quarter of an onion). Toss in your spinach and as much goat cheese as you want (I saved a little for a salad at a later date, but used most of the container). Mix it all up (oooo... gooey!)!!! Divide the mixture into four burgers. Set those on your grill (or skillet). I have a George Forman, so it's super easy. Wash your hands.. you've got hamburger goop on them!!

Now back to the potatoes. Give them a splash or two of milk around the pot. Toss in a heaping spoonful of butter or margarine. Add the rest of your sauteed onion and the bacon. Toss in a handful or two of shredded cheese (whatever suits your fancy). Smash!! Heat back up to warm on the stove and add salt and pepper to taste, if you so desire.

When your burgers are done, your potatoes should be warm and VOILA! Stuffed burgers and smashed potatoes!!!!

Some extras you might try (I might, next time around)...
Add some Worcestershire sauce or some bbq sauce to the burger mix.

I hope you try, and if you do... let me know what you think!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A little bit of feel good

I want to thank everyone who tried to cheer me up. :)

My husband said it best when he saw that I was upset. He's very astute in noticing these things. I opened the bedroom door after my shower and within 2 seconds, he asked me what was wrong. He said to me, "What do you have to be sad about? You have a beautiful little boy and a husband who loves you." Very true. And then he said, "Go out and buy something pretty."

So I took Thomas out and we went to visit Nanny. For those of you who don't know, this is my grandmother who basically raised me, whom I lived with from 13 yo. until I moved into my own apartment. He had a blast and seeing him running around like a loon made me feel a bit better. Then we went to Old Navy. I bought a cute little dress, some funky "antique" sunglasses, two tshirts, and a pair of jeans.

The jeans, here, are very important. I've been on this "diet." I use the term very loosely because, let's face it, I hate the word. But I've cut down on my sugar intake and I use splenda instead of sugar. Instead of regular pepsi, I drink the diet pepsi max. I stopped eating out for lunch and instead have been eating Lean Cuisine meals. Well, it seems to have paid off. I noticed a slight weight loss. A few pounds here and there. My new jeans... a size 8. Yes, that's 1 size less than I was before.

So... combined with my husband being observant and giving me a hug, my little boy being a silly little angel, going down a size in my jeans, getting support from my friends, and watching a fraking awesome series ending to Battlestar Galactica... my pity party is officially over. You may now cheer.

Now I'm going to go knit some sunglasses. ;) No, seriously, I have a sock to finish.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Damned if I do

So I'm sitting here today and I'm feeling uncharacteristically sorry for myself.

It's the first day of Spring (which I love) and it's downright chilly outside. I'd like nothing better than to throw on some jeans and a tshirt and run around outside with Thomas. Alas, we would have to bundle up and it's just no fun playing outside when your nose is running. And my garden is no where near being started.

Although Kenny and I are doing better financially than we were a few years ago, we're still no closer to any of the goals we have. The main one? Buying a house. This is the absolute best time to buy a house and we just can't. We've been paying off the debt from the stupid mistakes of our childhood, but they seem to be never ending. It will take forever for our credit to be at a decent point for us to look into purchasing a home. And by then, the market will be back up and it'll be damn near impossible to find soemthing we can afford. I'm tired of renting and living next to a constant stream of neighbors, most of which are a pain in the ass... slamming doors at all hours of the night with me constantly worried that it will wake Thomas.

I got in trouble at work on Wednesday and now I feel like everyone thinks I don't do a good job, even though I work my butt off. On Wednesday, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, curl up and cry. But I couldn't. Kenny didn't feel good and I had to take care of Thomas and put him to bed. I just wanted to be held and comforted but Kenny was in no position to do so. He started running a terribly high fever and I had to take care of him, too. It turns out my poor husband has the flu!

So maybe why I'm feeling bad for myself now is that I finally have some time to actually do it. Both the boys are taking naps and I'm sitting here in the quiet. *sigh* I usually try to avoid feeling sorry for myself because it doesn't lead anywhere... it doesn't solve any of your problems... but sometimes I just can't help it.

Everyday that goes by, I love my little boy more and more. He fills my days with joy and I feel such a huge satisfaction in watching him grow and learn. But sometimes, when I look at him, I just want to cry with the pain of knowing that my dad never got to see him. Never got to look at his beautiful face or hear his wonderful laughter.

And then I think of how I would love to have a sibling for Thomas. But, it was so hard for those first few months on both Kenny and myself. For me, it was trying to deal with all the dissatisfaction of how my labor turned out, the physical pain of dealing with the c-section, the guilt over only breast feeding for 3 weeks, the stubborness of wanting to do everything that I just couldn't. For Kenny, it was having to reimagine how our life was. He wasn't fully prepared for the challenges that a baby brings... and not knowing how to fix a problem that someone can't tell you about.

Of course, all of those thing were worth having Thomas in our lives. I'd love to see a little girl running after him. But in addition to trying to convince Kenny (a huge hurdle, let me tell you), we would also have to move. There's enough space for the three of us, but adding another would just be impossible. And then I have to consider all the daycare issues. *sigh* It's just not possible. At least, not for the near future.

So, I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself... for all the things I want and can't have, even though I work hard at trying to get them. Eventually I will realize all the blessings I have and refuse to think about the negatives. But for today, I'm just too tired to push those negative thoughts away.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy busy bee!

So, I've been a down and out knitting FOOL this past week. I finished one sock and started the mate. I finished little William's blankie. I finished the preemie hat for little Gillian. I've started Gillian's blankie. I finished a pink knit hat. *takes a deep breath* AND I've worked on a lace shawl. Whew! That's a lot! But maybe it's because I have a small amount of ADD. Who knows. Anyway, I have to have two or three projects that I switch to and from so that I don't get bored. I would type more but I have this super cute boy in my lap gabbing away at me (I just wish I could understand what he says!!!), so I'll just post some pictures and say, "I'm awesome!"

The preemie hat...

William's baby blanket...

The pink knit hat...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

yarn = crack

zomg. I'm SO excited. I just bought some yarn on knitpicks and now I can't WAIT for it to get here!!! I just got a promotion last week... so it's sort of a present to myself. I bought 4 balls of the Essential Kettle-Dyed yarn in Wine. I bought 2 balls each of the Imagination Hand Painted Yarn in Frog Prince and Mermaid Lagoon. I bought 2 balls of the Essential yarn in Glacial. AND I bought a set of harmony dpns in a size 7 (to make preemie hats for William and Gillian). EEK! Oh yes, and all that yarn is sock yarn. I'm becoming a sock making fool.

The Kettle-Dyed yarn has been designated for this super sexy knee-high sock pattern called Clessidra (see picture below). I can't wait to try my hand at cables. It'll be my first time. I'm a cable virgin. hehe. I have no idea what I plan to do with the other sock yarn, but I know I'll find something.

On another note... it's become apparent to me that guilt seems to inspire me. I was so guilty about finishing my last sock and NOT finishing Will's baby blanket, that I did nothing after but work on his blanket. It seems to have paid off, because now it's finished! I haven't taken pictures yet but I'll be sure to post them. Now I just have to start Gillian's blanket. *deep sigh*

Oh well, I have yarn on the way!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Wicked Witch"

I just finished knitting a sock last night. I'm using the knitpicks Imagination yarn in "Wicked Witch." I love it! The yarn is soft and comfy. The pattern I'm using is called "Charade." It fits perfectly! I'm so proud of myself. Of course, at the same time, I'm smacking myself. I have a baby blanket that desperately needs finishing... it's about 60% complete... and here I am making socks. *sigh* Oh well. Take a peek. I hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm sitting here at work, waiting for the nail polish on my artifacts to dry (it always seems like it takes forever). I'm staring at my lotion and I tell you... I love it. You should try it (this is where I ramble on because I'm bored.)! It's Burt's Bees stuff, which is always awesome because it's close to being completely natural. I love this lotion because it goes on thick and slowly sinks into your skin... be prepared to keep your hands off things for around five minutes. I only apply it once a day and it's fantastic for my hands! I have this horrid spot on one knuckle that continually tried to crack... terribly dry skin. I've been using this lotion for about two weeks and I can't even tell the spot was there. It has stuff like sesame oil and lavender oil and willow bark extract. To me, it just smells "Massage." Mainly because when I get a massage, the aromatherapy oils I pick have lavender in it.. but it just makes me sigh and smile and go to a happy place. Check it out!!! Ok... back to work.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Genius child? I think so.

So, this weekend I realized that my 1 year, 8 month old son can count to five... maybe six. I was counting his buttons (like I always do) to distract him while my husband was changing his diaper and after I said one, he said two. I said, "That's right. Good job! Two!" And then he said, "Tree." O_O

"Three, Thomas... that's right!"

And I turned to my husband, and said, "Holy shit, Kenny. Did you hear that? He just counted to five!"

The depth of my pride and amazement is unbelievable. My little boy is growing up! Before you know it, he'll be saying the ABC's and going to Kindergarten!!!!

Cute moment of the weekend... I took Thomas to the Explorium, which is just fantastic because it has a ton of stuff that he can do and I don't have to chase him around (since it's basically corralled). He was standing there, cute as a button in his little yellow smock, playing in the water feature that they have. This little girl around 3 or 4 moved over next to him and he turned to her with a HUGE grin on his face and said, "Hiiiiii!!!" Or phonetically... "Hi-eee."

My heart just melted like chocolate. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Socks and more!

Well, sorry it's been awhile since I posted. Life is busy, busy, busy with my little boy. It doesn't help that I've switched to a 4 day, 10hour schedule at work. It means I get Fridays off, but I spend them hanging out with my little man. Today, there's a crazy snow/ice storm going on and I decided to take a vacation day so I didn't have to make him (or me) travel in this mess.

Last month, I finished a ton of Christmas presents AND I finished my first pair of socks! That's right.. not just one sock.. but TWO! Take a peek...

I'm pretty pleased with myself. I decided to keep one of the presents that I had made over Christmas. The person I had made it for just never comes around anymore and wouldn't really appreciate it, anyway. I kept the skull potholder...

Isn't it cool? I plan on making another one, but the skull will be grey with a navy blue background. I'm in the process of making myself some fingerless gloves. I'm stuck on the thumb right now. I got frustrated because I somehow dropped some stitches, so I have to take a break from it before picking it up again..

I've made a crocheted lacey scarf and hat to match, which I plan on putting up on etsy soon...

And last weekend, I was a crafting machine. I finished this cool knit hat made in a beautiful Noro yarn colorway. It's from their silk garden lite. It's made of silk, kid mohair, and lamb's wool. Mmmmmm.....

AND... I finished this pink hat. I'm in the process of making some ribbed fingerless gloves to match....

Whew! On top of all that, I'm also knitting a mint green baby blanket for my best friend. She's 25 1/2 weeks along with twins! She's going to have a girl and a boy. (yay!) I think I'm maybe 1/3 through, but I still have the girl's blankie to do!
So... now you've been caught up on all my knit/crochet stuff. :)