So... with all of the crocheted items I've made over the years... this is my FIRST sweater. I started it on Friday, August 15th. And I just finished it tonight. Pretty darn good, if you ask me. I used Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice yarn in kelly green. (I love that color.) I must say... I'm pretty pleased with myself. Go me!


  1. Hello Heather, thank you for commenting on my blog, about the color to use with my blanket, I really like orange, sounds good. I think will work with yellow. I made a 6 pointed star with yellow and orange, turned out pretty good. I like your suggestion, thank you.
    I love the sweater and color. Your first attempt, looks grand. I wish I had the courage to start one, I have been wanting to, just scard of the armholes. I will try one day. Your son is beautiful and full of life, you can tell in his eyes, gorgeous.
    I have attempted knitting, canot get handle on it. I tried loom knitting instead and I love it. Like you I am addicted to yarn, especially the mix colores and acrylic. Congrates on your etsy store and finding your camera. Have a great day :) MonikaRose


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