I'm a knitting fiend.

So I've already determined most of what I need to knit for Christmas presents. Yes, I know it's only June, but after all the frantic knitting last year, I figured I'd give myself a little more lead time.
For about the past three weeks, I've been working on nothing but the sweater I've named "Ice Queen" for it's frosty blue color. I've really enjoyed working on it and it's my first sweater, but I've been getting that itch to work on something else. So, I've finished most of the body and one sleeve and I've set it to the side.
I'm picking back up a two-tone brown/black ribbed scarf that will end up being a present. I've finished a pair of fingerless gloves in a heathered blue/green wool for a present (one down!). And I'm working on completing a super neon bright ribbed scarf. *deep breath* Maybe when I finish one of the scarves, I'll pick up the sweater again (since it's for ME) and work on sleeve number two.
For my to-do list, I have two - three cabled ponchos, two pairs of fingerless gloves, a pair of fingerless gloves that can convert to mittens, a hat with earflaps, a baby blanket, a hat and scarf combo, and probably much more. See why I'm starting early?!

For those of the curious minded: here's a picture of the in-progress sweater and a pic of one of the finished fingerless gloves....


  1. Dudette, did you finish that yarn speedo for me yet? Hahaha!


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