Genius child? I think so.

So, this weekend I realized that my 1 year, 8 month old son can count to five... maybe six. I was counting his buttons (like I always do) to distract him while my husband was changing his diaper and after I said one, he said two. I said, "That's right. Good job! Two!" And then he said, "Tree." O_O

"Three, Thomas... that's right!"

And I turned to my husband, and said, "Holy shit, Kenny. Did you hear that? He just counted to five!"

The depth of my pride and amazement is unbelievable. My little boy is growing up! Before you know it, he'll be saying the ABC's and going to Kindergarten!!!!

Cute moment of the weekend... I took Thomas to the Explorium, which is just fantastic because it has a ton of stuff that he can do and I don't have to chase him around (since it's basically corralled). He was standing there, cute as a button in his little yellow smock, playing in the water feature that they have. This little girl around 3 or 4 moved over next to him and he turned to her with a HUGE grin on his face and said, "Hiiiiii!!!" Or phonetically... "Hi-eee."

My heart just melted like chocolate. :)


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