Yarn frenzy!

So, I feel very proud of myself lately. I have been a knitting fiend. Yes, I have five or six projects going at a time, but they are all moving towards a state of completion! Yay me! I'm currently working on three different sock patterns and two different scarves. The first sock is the pink "foxglove" yarn from my last post with the Brigid pattern. Sock #1 is finished and sock #2 is soon to be cast-on. The second sock pattern is a Cookie A pattern from her Sock Innovation book (angee). I'm using a Mini Mochi yarn in rainbow colors. They shall be my "Rainbow Brite" socks. :) I'm working on shaping the gussett for Sock #1 of these socks. And I just finished sock #1 of my own pattern with the knitpicks Handpainted Imagination yarn in Mermaid Lagoon.
As for the scarves, there's the dream in color starry scarf in purple that I posted last time.. which is over 50% done. And there's a Dr. Who scarf in the works using knitpicks' Felici yarn in Time Traveler. I bought two skeins for the scarf, but may only need one!

Now I feel like I've been rambling and you have no clue what I'm talking about... but I feel better anyway. I'll try to get some pictures up soon, but with all this knitting... who has time to take pictures!??!


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