To dye or not to dye...

So my friend recently started dyeing yarn. And I thought.. "OOoooo.. That sounds like fun, but I'd better not start that or I'll end up obsessed and won't be able to think of anything else." Yeah. So... about 3 weeks ago, I gave in. I dyed my very first bit of yarn. And I liked it... I wasn't "OH MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING." I used my first two purchased colors (russet and lilac) along with some scarlet and violet.

I should note that the two other girls and I are pooling our dye colors and assets into one girl's home. Much more efficient and handy! Plus, everyone gets to play with an assortment of colors.

I was going for a wine type of colorway, but I ended up calling it First Date. After it dried, I decided I liked it. It's grown on me and now I've decided that it should grow up to be a baby sweater. It'll be sweet.

That very same night, I decided to dye the other half of the yarn that I had purchased. This time, instead of just using some colors that I liked... I decided to give it some thought. And my thought ended up being my little sister. I wanted the yarn to be "her color." So I planned it all out. The main color would be turquoise... because she's just very turquoise. ;) I took two differnt shades and mixed them together. I tyed off two sections tightly so they wouldn't absorb the dye, and then stuck the whole skein in there. The color came out BEAUTIFUL. And that was when I had my "OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME" moment. It was exactly what I wanted. What made it even more spectacular was the look in my sister's eyes when I showed her the yarn. And she even said, "That's my color!" Perfect. But I hadn't finished!

It was two more weeks (torture!) before I was able to dye again. I overdyed a section in a sapphire blue and the section with the bare spots I overdyed hot fuschia. At first, I was a little wary of the hot fuschia section. I thought... "oh no, it's too bright, it's too much.. and the pink turned the turquoise too dark." But I took it home and it dried... and.. it started to grow on me. I LOVED the turquoise and the sapphire over turquoise.

Then I went over to my friend's house tonight and we balled it up. And that's it. I'm done for. The color is just magnificent! The pink turned up just the way I wanted.. just spots here and there. And the fuschia over turquoise is sometimes a deep blue and sometimes this vivid purple. I'm head over heels. And it is very specifically "Jessica Dawn." Here is a pic of the hank before I balled it. It's late and I haven't time before bed to take pics of the balled yarn, but I'll post later so you can see what I'm talking about.

So... I am fully and successfully sucked into dyeing yarn. Oh, and I have a dyeing journal in which I've carefully laid out 12 lines for my True Blood colorways. Stay tuned. ;)


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