Stars and Jessica Dawn

So, I told you that I would update you with pics of Jessica Dawn all balled up. Here's your pictures! I'm using it to make a scarf (and probably some fingerless mittens, too). This is incarnation number three. The first... I didn't like the pattern. Tore it out. The second... didn't like the size it was turning out, needles were too small. Tore it out. So... tada! The pattern I like AND with the correct size of needles. :)

In addition, my friend Jenny is having her second little girl on Friday. I had a "well crap, I have to make something!" moment. I'd made a star baby blanket for her first little girl and decided to do the same thing again. It turned out awesome! My little sister helped me decide on the color of yarn and it only took me two days to crank out. It's a crochet pattern and I'd forgotten how freaky FAST I can crochet! So here's the pretty purple star for the pretty new baby girl. :)


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