Productive me!

So, I went dyeing on Friday night and accomplished three skeins! As I said, two were my first tries for my True Blood collection. The third was for my friend who just had her GORGEOUS little girl on Friday.

The first was "Pam." She's a little bit feminine and a little bit dark, so I wanted to show that in her colorway. I used shades of pink, red, wine, and black. I LOVE the way it turned out. When it dries and I get it re-balled, I'll post pictures.

The second was "Sookie." It didn't turn out exactly how I'd planned, but I like it! Sookie is part sky fairy and she LOVES the sun... so her color has yellow, gold, blues and green. And since her involvement brings a little darkness to her life, her blue is a little dark in places, like dark clouds are rolling in.

The last is "Virginia." I used a tweed yarn for her skein and have three colors: a creamy yellow, a deep brown, and a dark blue. Also fitting for the state! ;)

In addition, I had a burst of inspiration and came up with what my labels will look like! Since I'm the "yarn vixen," I used that. Essentially, it's a ball of yarn with horns and a devil's tail. I love it. :) Once I get it scanned in, you can see my handiwork. I didn't do so badly at all... hand drawn! :)

So, although I have no pretty pictures for you this time... there will be more to come. ;)


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