Happy Belated Birthday, Kathy!

Since I was able to dye a few weeks ago, I was finally able to create my sister-in-law's very own hand dyed yarn. She is quite literally the coolest sister-in-law around. She's working right now in a restaurant as she goes back to school to become a nurse. She has a wicked cool sense of humor. She's fun and enjoys knitting to about the same extreme as I do. She is a yarn hoarder, as well.

She has a crazy busy life right now. Besides working and going back to school, she's also planning her wedding for next year! So I thought I would make her yarn colors something a little bit serene. I hope that when she's finally able to sit down for a spell and relax by knitting, that these colors will help her find her zen, so to speak.

I dyed the yarn in about 7 different colors and I think it turned out beautifully. So, here's introducing Kathy's Watercolors. I was finally able to give it to her last Sunday night. I think she liked it....


  1. Love those colors! Very thoughtful gift. I hope she sends you a pic when she is able to make something with it so we can see!


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