Ok... so I have some future goals that I'd like to accomplish by this weekend.

1. I want to get a side strip on my blog page so everyone can view what I have on etsy via this page. I'm terrible at html, so I'll have to get my computer savvy husband to work on it.

2. I'm working on knitting a beautiful purple scarf. It's all shimmery and very drapey. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pictures up so you can have a preview. It's coming along quite nicely.

3. Along the same lines of pictures, I need to take some more pictures of my stash and post some more items on etsy.

So stay tuned... this weekend may be exciting!

BTW... you can go view my store at www.yarnvixen.etsy.com


  1. i can help you with the etsy side strip if you would like. :)
    it's super easy.

  2. Hello Heather. I have a link to Teresa and her tutorial on stitching up the star stitch.
    If you go to my blog, there is couple more for the star stitch hat
    Thank you for stopping by. I like the star stitch mysel. Have a great day: MonikaRose. P.s. checked out your etsy, really nice scarfs. Check out mine just added another bookthong. http://monikarose.etsy.com


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