There is hope after all.....

Today was a pretty good day, even if it was extremely long. I worked 10 hours today (so I'll be able to take Friday off to watch the little boy). I picked Thomas up and we went for a super long walk... we were gone for over an hour. I read him a book, we brushed his teeth, then I
made him lay down if he wanted me to read to him in the crib. We read "Goodnight Moon" twice. Then I covered him up and turned the light out. It seems to have worked! He didn't cry once and so far... (*Crosses fingers*)... he hasn't woken up again. We've been having trouble lately with him getting to sleep. It's especially frustrating because it used to be so easy to lay him down at night (and for naps).

But... the most important news of all... *drum roll*... we have our camera back!!!!!! It's true.. there yet may be hope for humanity! lol. Apparently it was "hidden behind some things." I'm not sure if that was truly the case or if siccing my friend's brother (who works there) on the culprit was the cause. Either way... I have the camera back, along with the two months of pictures and video I had yet to download of Thomas. Yay!

For those etsy viewers... this means that there will soon be more items up for sale. Well, as soon as I can find the time. Time seems very short when you have a 15 month old boy. :)


  1. Hello MonikaRose again, just wondering what your address is for your store on etsy, thanks


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